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Rainbow Horn Bath Bomb


Bath time is so much more fun with Unicorns!  This colourful Unicorn horn is free from nasties and gives you a soothing and spa-like experience with a natural colourful fragrant bath. A real treat for Unicorn and rainbow loving teenagers.

Please note batches vary, so colours may not be exact.

Unicorn Soap & Toy


Our Organic Unicorn Soap is designed to promote handwashing. The more they wash the quicker they get to their unicorn toy. As always no parabens, phthalates, and they’re SLS free!! Super kind to their delicate skin!

No Parabens
No Chemicals
No Nasties

Unicornia Bath Bomb Fizz


It’s basically a deconstructed bath bomb!! Fill your bath with Shades of Pink, Blue and  Yellow!

Scented with our popular Bubble Gum fragrance each 250ml bottle is enough for 2/3 baths.

Or if you’re feeeling really indulgent then one really Fizzy bath!

Unicornia Rainbow Lip Scrub


A delicious rainbow Bubble Gum flavoured natural lip scrub for smooth lips. Sugar exfoliates whilst coconut and almond oil soften the lips.

Take a pea size amount and using your finger, gently rub over your lips in small, circular motions.