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Luxe Oud Natural Soy Candle


Our  zero waste sustainable Luxe Oud candle is made  from Soy Wax and housed in a natural Coconut Shell bowl that can be reused!

✨ Scented with Oud Perfume, Frankincense and Bergamot Essential oils. Finished with Organic Moroccan Rose Petals.

Rose Oud Natural Soy Candle


‘Rose Oud’

Made with Oud Perfume & Pure Rose Essential Oils combined with Dried Moroccan Rose petals.

This sensuous blend gives you a luxurious bath & body ritual.



About Soy Candles

Soy burns longer: While soy candles seem to be more expensive, when you factor in the longer burning time, they’re pretty comparable to paraffin.

Soy is sustainable: Unlike paraffin, which is derived from oil, soy is a renewable resource.

Soy is better for your health: Soy burns cleaner and produces as much as 90 percent less soot than paraffin, reducing the amount of indoor air pollution produced.

Spilled soy is easier to clean up: Soy is biodegradable so if it spills on your tablecloth or clothing, it’s a lot easier to clean than paraffin.

Soy won’t ruin your walls: The emissions from paraffin candles build up on walls, staining the paint in your home. They also build up in upholstery fabrics and in carpets, affecting the air quality in your home.