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What’s In a Name?

The word Hamsa means five in Hebrew and Arabic. This symbol is also known by many names which  include:

  1. The Hand of Fatima: This name is derived from Islamic beliefs and is named after Fatima, the daughter of the Prophet.
  2. Hand of Miriam: In Jewish culture, the Hamsa is a symbol of the Hand of God. It is called the Hand of Miriam after the sister of Moses and Aaron.
  3. The Hand of Mother Mary: This name comes from Christian tradition, where the symbol has been named after the mother of Jesus, Mary.
  4. Hamesh: The word hamesh means five in Hebrew. It represents the name ‘Heh’ which is one of God’s many names.

The Hamsa has different meanings to different groups of people. However, the common thread is that it is a protective symbol that brings in luck, health, happiness and good fortune, warding off evil and negative feelings.


Our Hamsa Gift Set comes with

1 large Hamsa Bath Soap

3 Hamsa Hand Soaps

1 Aztec Gold Lip Balm Tint

packaged in a blue gift box.

As with all our soaps it is both SLS Free and  SLES Free.

Scented with uplifting Lemongrass & Clary Sage which helps alleviate stress and anxiety.

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