‘Science meets Beauty’ The Ultimate Cosmetics making Party

Cosmixology ‘Science meets Beauty’ parties are super fun, super creative and super-duper plain fantabulous!!

Did we just go overboard on the description?! Ahh who cares?! They really are fun!

We kick off each party with a ‘little’ science lesson on what goes into each of the products the children will be making. We awaken their senses by getting them to touch, feel, smell and sometimes even taste! We then introduce them to tools and materials and get them all prepped to be little cosmixologists.

Then depending on what they will be making we start with a step by step demonstration of how to make bath bombs. Each guest gets to choose from a large selection of fragrance oils and natural mica colours to personalise their bath bombs. Once completed, they are put to the side to dry and be packaged later.

Next, they move on to making soap, they’ll have fun mixing, colouring, scenting and pouring the soap into their chosen moulds. Once personalised the completed soaps are placed to the side to be packaged later after they have turned from liquid to solid.

If they are making lip balm, this will follow soap making. Again, they add their choice of flavours, glitter and natural colouring to personalise and then pour into their pots to allow them to set.

If they are making scrubs, this is the last of the cosmetics making activities. They blend the ingredients with a choice of herbs, flowers, fragrances, and natural colouring to create their perfect scrub. These are then transferred to a pot.

Lastly, guests will also package, and decorate their soap and baths bombs with beautiful ribbon.



The price includes :-

1 Novelty Soap

1 Bath Bomb

Either 1 Lip Balm or 1 Body Scrub

Large selection of cosmetic grade fragrance oils

Large selection of natural cosmetic grade mica colours

Certificates for each little guest

Badges for each little guest

Safety goggles


Hair nets

Table coverings

Personalised party bag

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